nursery rhyme trivia baby shower game


Nursery Rhyme Trivia

September 28, 2018

Nursery Rhyme trivia is a fun baby shower game that will test the knowledge of mum-to-be and her guests.

As a new mum, you will quickly be reacquainted with all the nursery rhymes you heard growing up! Here are 10 nursery rhyme trivia questions to get you started. Including some Australian nursery rhymes and themes, feel free to add your own questions or extend them to cover popular children’s television shows etc in your region.

10 Nursery rhyme trivia questions

  1. A sailor went to Sea. What was the only thing he could see?
    The bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea
  2. Where does the kookaburra sit as the merry merry king?
    In the Old Gum Tree
  3. Who tried to put Humpty Dumpty back together?
    All the king’s horses and king’s men
  4. What was little Miss Muffit eating?
    Curds and Whey
  5. Where did the fly land on Peter Rabbit?
    His nose
  6. What happens with the little teapot gets all steamed up?
    It shouts!
  7. In the Ning Nang Nong, what do all the Monkey’s say?
  8. How many White Boomers are there?
  9. What are the 4 colours of the Wiggles characters?
    Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue
  10. In the wiggles song Hot Potato, they serve Hot Potatoes, Mashed Banana and what else?
    Cold Spaghetti

Bonus super hard question:

What species of Kangaroo was Skippy?
An Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Female)

nursery rhyme trivia baby shower game

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