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what is a harmony ball?

Worn during pregnancy, your baby will hear the chime sound emitted by your chime necklace as it bounces gently your growing bump during everyday movement. Your baby will become familiar with your ball pendant’s chime and may find it’s sound reassuring and soothing once they enter the world. read more

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The Bebe Bola collection is all about Pregnancy and this special time in an expectant mother’s life.

Our collection of Harmony Ball Necklaces encourage an early connection between a mother and her baby through sound. The chime of her harmony ball pendants will be heard by her baby while in the womb. Baby may find the chime sound soothing and comforting once they enter the world, a reminder of the safety and comfort of the womb.

Unique christmas gift for mum and baby

Illustrate a Baby Book to read and share with Baby as they grow.

A 100% unique christmas gift to teach baby their ABC’s and 123’s.

what to buy a pregnant woman for christmas

Our beautiful collection of gifts are all about celebrating mum. Helping to celebrate a new chapter! And encouraging a connection between her and baby.

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Supporting a pregnant friend over Christmas and the festive season
pregnant exercise fitness activity yoga

Help mum to be stay active

Christmas and the festive season is a great time to help your pregnant friend stay active. Offer to join her for a walk or to do some yoga outdoors. The benefits for both of you will be endless.

benefits of being active during pregnancy

The benefits of being active throughout pregnancy include increased energy, improved fitness, reduced back and pelvic pain, improved posture, improved circulation and more1.

Choose aerobic activities – activities that make your heart beat faster – like walking fast, dancing, swimming, or raking leaves. You should still be able to talk during these activities. –

She may next extra support during the Winter months when it’s dark earlier and cold outside.

1. Source: Better Health Channel

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Help her to plan ahead

Expectant mothers expect things to change once baby arrives, but often the reality can be different than imagined.

Help her plan some things ahead. For example, meals for the freezer that can be heated in minutes (think lasagne or curry with rice) or delicious, healthy snacks to fuel her on the go (think protein balls or slices).