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8 unique baby shower gifts for 2021

January 11, 2021

Finding fun and unique gifts for a baby shower can be a challenge.

Browse our top 8 baby shower gift ideas for 2021, particularly if you’re looking for something unique that probably won’t be gifted by anyone else.


1. Hydrogel Breast Disks

These things will save mums life in the first week of breastfeeding. Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones that didn’t experience any discomfort as a first or multi-time breastfeeder. I wasn’t one of those people. The nipple pain, especially the friction/rubbing against my shirt between feeds, was very real.

Tip: Store them in the fridge! They’ll be cool, refreshing and soothing when you next go to use them.

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2. A Breastfeeding Side Reminder

We absolutely support whatever method you choose to feed your baby. #fedisbest If you do decide to breastfeed, having a method in place for reminding you which side to offer/feed from next is invaluable!

Two methods that worked for me; Tying a ribbon onto my bra strap, for the side I was due to feed/offer first next. After each feed, I simply switched the ribbon to the other side. And next feed, offer the ribbon side first.

As well as a ribbon (which is very discreet), I used a hair tie around the wrist, which a midwife recommended during my stay in hospital. Same thing as the ribbon, switch the hair tie to the other wrist after each feed. Only problem I found was the hairband tended to end up in my hair and I’d be lost come feed time 🙂

Tip: A ribbon reminder will be great gift for a new mum/baby shower that mum-to-be likely won’t receive from anyone else. You can buy them from some clever people on Etsy or make your own.


3. Create your own Keepsake Book for baby

These are a great way for family, friends and important loved ones to celebrate baby’s impending arrival, and contribute to a VERY special keepsake, that will be treasured forever.

Each page within our keepsake books contains a letter or number, space for family and friends to draw a picture to represents it, and to sign their name.

Tip: Take the book along to a Baby Shower, Baby sprinkle or family gathering and have all the important people in mum, dad and baby’s life make a contribution. Parents can share the book with baby from birth, and let them know who the talented artists were 🙂

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4. First coffee, then the world.

Find out where mum or dad’s favourite cafe or espresso bar is and prepay them a bunch of takeaway coffees to use at her leisure.

Tip: Get them a KeepCup too so they can take their coffee away, and enjoy it wherever they choose (perhaps lapping the local park trying to get baby to sleep?! #beentheredonethat)


5. A good non-leaky water bottle.

Never in my life have I been thirstier and needed water more than when I sat down to feed my newborn baby and finally, after several attempts, got a good latch.

You may find yourself couch bound in the wee hours of the morning after finally managing to get a colicky baby to sleep.

New mums NEED to stay hydrated, and a water bottle they can easily fill and reuse is a great practical gift idea that can be kept beside the lounge, the feeding chair or in the nappy bag for staying hydrated on the go.

Tip: Check out Memobottle’s very cool A5 water bottle. We love that it keeps mum stay hydrated, her usual modern self, and takes up less space in her bag on the go.

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Tip: Probably best to read them to each other, not bub 😉


7. Post-partum proof underwear By ModiBodi

In case no one has told you, you will bleed quite a lot after childbirth, no matter how you deliver your baby (yes, both vaginal and c-section deliveries). After giving birth, bleeding will be quite heavy and become lighter and possibly erratic over the coming days and weeks.

Modibodi offer modern, protective, leak-proof apparel, underwear & swimwear, for periods & incontinence that work!

For the environmentally conscious or the simply likes to be prepared new mum, ModiBodi’s reusable underwear is a lifesaver.

Tried and test by me (a mum of two), they’re AMAZING postpartum and years later, are holding their shape and have never missed a beat. They also provided peace of mind when I know its nearing that time of the month, but Aunt Flow hasn’t made her appearance just yet.

baby shower gift subscription stan netflix


8. A subscription to Netflix or Stan.

Being a new parent means being awake at any and ALL hours of the day and night.

The gift of company and something decent to watch at any time will be greatly appreciated, and enjoyed by both mum and dad.

Tip: An iTunes voucher would work too if they’re more music than movie kinda people.

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