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Baby Shower Cake Ideas

May 11, 2019

Simple, beautiful baby shower cakes for your inspiration

twinkle twinkly little star

Whether you like to DIY or leave it to the professionals, we’re collated some great baby shower cake ideas for your inspiration.

Simple  Modern  Appropriate

DIY Baby shower cakes

Sandcastle Cake

Oh my, this would make an absolutely devine baby shower cake, especially for those summer babies.

Probably best to outsource this one, but if you’re willing to be be brave, the Beautiful Mess blog has all the instructions for making this stunning sandcastle cake.

Super Sweet Onesie Cake

Simple and ridiculously cute, this onesie cake is perfect for the afternoon tea/high tea themed baby shower .

Create it with any type of cake, just be sure to bake it in a rectangle cake tin.

Follow these simple step by step instructions to create the super cute onesie cake pictured.

baby shower cake afternoon tea party onesie 1

Photo by Erin Bakes

Sprinkle heart cake

Because who doesn’t love 100’s and 1000’s?!

This minimal design is so lovely, and so simple to recreate. Especially if you use this heart shape template and follow these instructions.

sprinkle heart baby shower cake 2

Photo by Rennai Hoefer

‘Leave it to the Professionals’ cake ideas

If you’re short on time or ‘Betty Crocker’ factor, let a professional do the hard work for you.

Tip: Find a great local cake maker by asking for recommendations on a local neighbourhood facebook group

Gold booties baby shower cake

These little golden booties are everything.

This modern cake design would be perfect for a gender neutral baby shower.

DIY this cake design by making and piping your own cake with plain buttercream icing, then find a talented local cake maker to work some fondant magic for you.

gold booties baby shower cake Bay cakes

Photo by Bay Cakes

Colourful baby shower cakes

A colourful cake will add real wow factor to your baby shower table.

Choose a range of mum’s favourite colours, a rainbow theme, or a warm/cool colour palette.

colourful baby shower cake
Baby Shower Cake Toppers

A simple but effective way to create a beautiful cake for your shower. Some Cake Toppers for your inspiration.

baby shower cake by sweeet perfection

Oh Baby

Photo by Sweeet_Perfection
Topper XOXO design

cake topper welcome little one

Welcome little one

Photo by Little Dance

hello tiny human baby shower cake topper

Hello tiny human

twins cake topper baby shower

Holy Sh!t, it’s twins

Photo by Posh Toppers

baby shower modern font cake topper

Baby Shower

Photo by Little Dance

baby mama cake topper baby shower

Baby Mama

Photo by Posh Toppers

More Baby Shower Ideas
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Baby Shower Book

Create a book for Baby with Illustrations from baby shower guests.