practical gifts for baby shower


Day 7, Meet Brinie! Baby Shower Gift ideas from a mum of two

July 21, 2018
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Mum of 2, Sydney NSW

practical gifts for baby shower

What were the best gifts you received at your baby shower? Or if you didn’t have a shower, gifts before baby was born?
An “overnight box” filled with baby panadol/nurofen/wind drops/ bonjela/ etc All the things you don’t know you need until it’s 3am and you have a screaming baby!

Were you gifted anything that you never got around to using?
I didn’t use Singlets that we were given (ones that didn’t clip at the bottom)

Did you receive any gifts at your shower that were for you (not baby) and if so, what were they?
Yes, meals to heat up once we arrived home with baby! Coffee and pedicure voucher.

Now that you’re a Mum, what’s your ‘go to’ baby shower gift?
An overnight box and the feeder (like Bernadette said) 👍, teething jewellery & the boon rusk holder (stops those bad boys dropping on the floor!)

A single tip for labour/delivery day
The baby is coming out one way or another so be prepared to go with the flow

“The best gift is all the things you don’t know you’ll need until it’s 3am and you have a screaming baby!”

More from our mums

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[evc_custom_font title_tag=”h4″ font_weight=”500″ font_style=”italic” text_align=”left” title=”Have baby shower guests, family and friends contribute a drawing to help baby learn their A,B,C’s and 1,2,3’s!” color=”#0a0101″ font_family=”‘Vollkorn'” font_size=”1.8em” line_height=”1.2em”]

Each page within our keepsake books contains a letter or number, followed by a blank space where family and friends can draw a picture to represent it.

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[evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” custom_icon=”4500″ text=”Low gloss pages for drawing on”]
personalise keepsake baby book
baby book keepsake gift baby shower first alphabet book
baby first alphabet book keepsake newborn unique
alphabet baby book baby shower
number fun personalize baby book gift
baby keepsake book personalise learn to count
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A Harmony Ball is an extra special baby shower gift that allows mum to be to create an early connection with her baby while in the womb. After birth, her pendant will be a timeless keepsake reminder of those first flutters, kicks and hiccups(!) experienced during pregnancy.

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mum to be bee harmony ball necklace
mumma bear harmony ball pendant necklace silver gold
blue topaz december birthstone silver charm necklace bracelet
necklace with tassel charm
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sorbet purple orane silicone bead necklace
silicone teething bracelet jewellery mom
silicone chew teething bracelet