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Building babies’ brains through play

September 30, 2019

Baby brain development

Did you know that the most important interactions you have with your baby can happen through play?

Science tells us that early childhood is a time of both great promise and considerable risk. For babies and small children, it’s a time of rapid brain development including the development of sturdy brain architecture and the foundations of resilience*.

By engaging in playful serve and return with a child, you can literally help build stronger connections in the brain. Strong neural connections are the foundation for all of a child’s future learning, behavior, and health.

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What are they learning by playing peekaboo?

They are learning about personal interactions and how they can be very rewarding, and they are mastering the concepts of things disappearing and coming back again.

Watch this UNICEF Mini Parenting Master Class Video

In this Mini Parenting Master Class from UNICEF, Center on the Developing Child Director Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D., explains the importance of serve and return interactions like play—and how easy they are to do, especially through practice!

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