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How pregnancy impacts a woman’s body

November 13, 2019

Ever wonder how Pregnancy impacts the human body?

Sure there are many physical changes that we can see on the outside, but whats happening on the inside? What are the impacts that we can’t see?

Check out this fascinating article from the University of Wollongong.

Partial extract and link to article below.

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The science behind your growing baby bump

Pregnancy is an amazing and surprising time in a woman’s life. As her body becomes a minefield of new experiences, it is pushed to unprecedented levels of stress and endurance.

Women’s bodies are built differently, capable of enduring the pressure and pain of pregnancy and childbirth. Over nine months, mother’s bodies are pushed to their limit and undergo some remarkable transformations to support the growth of a new life.

The physical changes are the most obvious, but there are also powerful molecular mechanisms at work – and there is still lots to learn about how mother’s bodies adapt to the pressures of pregnancy.

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