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7 picks! Cute affordable maternity clothes worth investing in

August 1, 2018

Cute, affordable maternity clothes worth investing in

Maternity clothes can be a challenge. We want to be comfortable as our body grows and changes. But understandably, we don’t want to spend too much on maternity clothes knowing they have a limited shelf life.

We also want to continue feeling great, and expressing our old selves through our clothing choices. Here are our picks for some cute, affordable maternity clothes worth investing in. They won’t break to bank and will keep you looking and feeling great while you grow a human!

Casual maternity wear

The Sunday brunch kind. Sure it’s winter in Australia, but 24 degrees and clear blue skies feels like 30 degree heat to a pregnant lady. We LOVE this overall romper:

Linen Maternity Romper
A pea in the Pod

Actually, it turns out we’re a little obsessed with maternity overalls in general – here’s some more.

casual maternity clothes linen overalls

Image credit: A pea in the pod

maternity active singlet tank

Image credit: HelloMonday

Maternity activewear

We love HelloMonday’s Essential loose tank & Lilies crop.

Walking and remaining active during pregnancy and beyond is SO important to your physical and mental wellbeing. You might as well look on point while out and about!

maternity winter jacket

Seraphine Richmond 3 in 1 Maternity Parka.

This jacket comes with a detachable kangaroo pouch that zips on and off, for use before and after your little joey arrives #love

Glow mama

seraphine richmond 3 in 1 maternity parka

Image credit: Glow Mama

maternity dress for the office high neck

Image credit: Maive & Bo

maternity dresses for work

We love the Paris tube striped dress, coupled with a cardi.

Maive & Bo

maternity robe set for mum and bub

Reality is, you’ll be spending more time at home. Resting and nesting.

The beautiful Boni Robe with it’s vibrant green gender neutral pattern, will make you feel amazing while in the comfort of our own home. You can also dress bub in a matching robe once they arrive #swoon

Frankiet T

maternity robe set mum baby australia frankiet

Image credit: Frankiet T

asos maternity clothes australia

Image credit: ASOS Maternity

Maternity dress it up or down

ASOS MATERNITY Midi Singlet Dress with Frill Straps and Popper Placket

Frill straps, so pretty. A simple design that, your harmony ball necklace will really stand out.

ASOS maternity

Maternity swimwear

Ma Ma Land

While it’s not quite swimming weather, it’s almost spring. Which means summer is just around the corner! Like my mum always said, Be prepared.

Mamagama Maternity

mamaland maternity swimwear

Image credit: Mamagama Maternity

Compliment your pregnancy style and maternity fashion choices with a pregnancy necklace.  Our range of chiming Harmony Balls help expectant mum to look great, and bond with her baby during pregnancy.