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6 phone numbers every parent needs to know

September 4, 2018

Maternity and new parent Helplines

Here are 6 phone numbers where you can find parenting advice and support at no charge. Add them to your phone right now.

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby helpline

Phone: 1800 882 436 | Video CallWebsite

Pregnancy is an exciting time, which at times can feel overwhelming. There are physical changes, there’s a whole new way of life on the way, and the questions are endless. The Pregnancy, Birth and Baby helpline (freecall, 7 days) is available to provide support to new parents, guidance and reassurance, every step of the way.

The Pregnancy, Birth and Baby helpline supports parents on the journey from pregnancy to preschool. Get the guidance and reassurance you need about developmental and behavioural concerns from our maternal child health nurses or talk to our counsellors for emotional support.

pregnancy maternity support australia
sick child nurse hotline

24/7 Healthdirect helpline

Phone: 1800 022 222

Speak to a Registered Nurse any time of the day or night. An absolute godsend for parents who have concerns about their children (or themselves) and don’t have time to sit in a medical centre waiting room, or need some medical advice before making a trip to the doctor or hospital.

The healthdirect helpline is a 24-hour telephone health advice line that operates seven days a week. It is staffed by registered nurses who provide expert health advice. You can call for advice if you or a member of your family are feeling ill and are unsure what to do, or for health information on a particular condition.

Parenthood help and support

They may be small, but they be mighty. Karitane and Tresillian are 2 parent support services offering a range of personalised support and advice for parents. Support is free (Medicare) with Parents and children able to attend overnight stays and receive real-time, personlised support. Doctor referral required.

Karitane | Phone: 1300 CARING

Karitane provide education and support on the unique challenges of parenting to mums and dads with children from birth to 5 years of age. Karitane support new parents around sleep and settling, establishing routines, feeding and nutrition, toddler behaviour and pre and post natal anxiety and depression.

Tresillian | Phone: 1300 2 PARENTChat Support

Tresillian is an early parenting service offering families guidance in the early years of their child’s life. Tresillian support new parents around breastfeeding and settling baby, as well as dealing with post-natal depression and nutrition. Support includes: Settling, Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Crying, Teething and more.

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breastfeeding phone australian breastfeeding association or your local community nurse

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Phone: 1800 mum2mum

Breastfeeding comes easy to some, but for the rest of us it’s can be painful and at times, hard work.

Did you know there is a formula for working out how much milk to express for baby, based on their weight and age? Or that it’s possible to successfully wean your baby off a nipple shield?

Give the ABA a call anytime with these questions and more. Or contact your local community nurse/community health centre for free advice and in-person consults. Community Centres typically run a drop-in style Breastfeeding group which dads are welcome to attend too.

Poisons Information

Phone: 13 11 26

If you weren’t already aware, teething babies put ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in their mouth. Nice things like those fabulous silicone teething toys you bought online. But also unpleasant things like that ball of fluff you’ve been meaning to suck up from underneath the lounge for a week. Nothing is off limits, and once your baby begins to crawl, controlling what goes in becomes even harder. Hopefully you’ll never need this number, but so important to have on hand.

teething baby everything in mouth

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