Pregnancy Jewellery

Beautiful, modern Pregnancy Jewellery to help you sparkle, shine and connect with your baby

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Our beautiful collection of pregnancy jewellery and gifts for expectant mothers aims to celebrate and acknowledge this special occasion in a mother to be’s life.  A celebration of an important milestone, and a time in her life that she will treasure forever.

The chime of our Pregnancy Jewellery range helps to being a feeling of calm and harmony to an expectant mother’s pregnancy, and help her encourage a connection with her unborn baby while in the womb. read more.

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Modern, Stylish Pregnancy Jewellery

Choose your favourite chiming Harmony Ball


Add on some sentimental charms

Included 925 Sterling Silver necklace, white gold plating | Free Delivery over $50

Worn during pregnancy, a baby in utero will hear the chime of your harmony ball as it bounces gently against an expectant mother’s bump during everyday movement. Her baby will become familiar with her pendant’s bell chime and may find it’s sound reassuring and soothing once they enter the world. read more

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Our beautiful collection of gifts for expectant mothers help celebrate a new chapter! The beginning or extension of an amazing journey.

Our Harmony Ball Pregnancy Necklaces and baby keepsake books are meaningful ways to show your friend that she is loved and supported through her pregnancy, and on her motherhood journey. In time, these gifts will become meaningful keepsakes; a reminder of the flutters, kicks and hiccups she experienced during pregnancy.

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The best birthday gift for your pregnant sister

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Have mum to be’s friends and family illustrate a Baby Book that can be read and shared with baby as they grow. A unique newborn gift to teach baby their ABC’s and 123’s.

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