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October 15, 2020

Hot tip: get yourself some super comfy, fun shoes from @rollienation

Why Rollie Nation?

They’re just so damn comfortable. They’re super lightweight and come in a bunch of fun styles to keep you feeling like your pre-pregnant stylish self.

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They have some slip on styles for when you can’t actually see your feet any more.

Personally, I like the sidecut collection best because I can wear them with a light sock during winter, and let the breeze in during the warmer months.

Their range of slides are a godsend for summer, and perfect for the third trimester when you cant actually remember what your feet looked like.

What’s your favourite?

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Rocking my Rollies

Rocking my Harmony Ball Necklace and White Sidecut Leopard Rollie shoes

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Encourage a connection with your baby and add extra style to every stage of your pregnancy.

Choose your favourite Harmony Ball from our modern, timeless collection.

What is a Harmony Ball?

Beautiful chime ball pendants called Harmony Balls are worn by expectant mothers during pregnancy. They make a gentle bell sound as mum moves about her daily activities, similar to metal wind chimes bumping in the breeze. Baby will hear the chime of your Harmony Ball in the womb, and may find its sound comforting and soothing once born.


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