Big Love

Heart Harmony Ball


Big love, our Silver Heart Harmony Ball, will help you shine and chime through every stage of pregnancy.

Available in Silver or Gold, Big Love features a smooth, mirrored silver finish. Its modern yet classic design is sure to compliment every pregnancy style.

Your Big Love Harmony Ball will emit a soft bell sound as it bounces against your bump during regular daily movement. Its beautiful chime can be heard by your baby within the womb from around 20 weeks gestation and over the weeks and months of your pregnancy, your baby will become familiar with its chime.

Once born, your baby may find its chime comforting and soothing. Its chime is also thought to inspire harmony and calm in your pregnancy and summons your Guardian Angel for guidance and protection.

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Already such a big love for such a little being.

Our big love heart harmony ball is timeless, and a lovely way for mum to connect with her baby in the womb.

The gentle chime sound as mum moves about her everyday activities will be heard by baby, and the familiar sound may be able to comfort and soothe baby once they are born.

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