Sentimental gifts for your pregnant Daughter

Two of life’s greatest gifts. The gift of family, and the gift of a Grandchild. Celebrate your daughter’s pregnancy with a beautiful, sentimental gift she will cherish

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The announcement of a pregnancy within the family is an incredibly special time, with exciting firsts to come for everyone, not just mum and dad to be.

Your baby girl is having a baby! And you’re about to embark or extend upon the magical journey that is being a Grandparent.

Memories will come flooding back as you look adoringly into the eyes of your tiny grandchild, run your finger softly over their tiny nose, and let them clasp your little finger hoping they might never let go.

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Create a pregnancy necklace your Daughter will love

A chiming harmony ball necklace is beautiful way to encourage a special connection between an expectant mother and her baby, and keep her looking and feeling fabulous throughout her pregnancy.

Simply choose your favouring chime ball pendant, and add some sentimental charms for a personal touch.

925 Sterling Silver necklace white gold plating included with every purchase | Free Delivery over $50

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An extra special gift for your pregnant Daughter in Law

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Our beautiful collection of Harmony Ball Necklaces for pregnancy are the perfect way to celebrate this wonderful milestone in your daughter’s life, and a special way to encourage a connection between her and baby.

Worn during pregnancy, your grandchild will hear the chime of your Daughter’s harmony ball pendant as it bounces gently against her bump during everyday movement. Your grandchild will become familiar with the pendant’s chime and may find the sound reassuring and soothing once they enter the world. read more

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Ask your Daughter’s friends and family to help illustrate a Baby Book to read and share with your Grandchild as they grow. A unique way for your grandchild to learn their ABC’s and 123’s.

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