Celebrate your Daughter’s Pregnancy

As a mother and parent, you appreciate the significance of this moment in your Daughter’s life. We understand it too! Our range of beautiful and sentimental pregnancy gifts are the perfect way to celebrate your daughter’s first pregnancy and are a unique baby shower gift from mother to daughter.

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Unique baby shower gifts
from mother to daughter

Pregnancy Jewellery

Our stunning pregnancy necklaces, known as Bolas or Harmony Balls, encourage a special connection between your daughter and her baby during pregnancy. Celebrate with a unique and sentimental gift your pregnant daughter will love.

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Worn during pregnancy, your grandchild will hear the melodic chime of your daughter’s Harmony Ball from within the womb as it bounces gently against her bump during everyday movement. Over the months of your daughter’s pregnancy, your grandchild will grow familiar with its sound, and may find its chime soothing and reassuring once they enter the world. read more

Personalise a Harmony Ball Necklace for your daughter by adding sentimental and  meaningful charms.

We can send your Necklace directly to your daughter including a special note from you. Simply add your custom message during checkout.

of wearing a Harmony Ball during Pregnancy

expectant mother wearing pregnancy jewellery necklace australia

At around 20 weeks gestation, your grandchild will begin to hear the chime of your daughter’s harmony ball pendant from within the womb as it bounces gently against her growing bump during everyday movement.

Over the weeks and months of your daughter’s pregnancy, her baby will become familiar with the chime of her Harmony Ball and may find its sound soothing and reassuring once they enter the world.
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A Harmony Ball Pregnancy Necklaces is the perfect way to celebrate your daughters pregnancy and show her how much she is loved and supported on her motherhood journey.

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A strong and extraordinary bond

The chime of a pregnancy necklace encourages a strong and extraordinary bond between a mother and her baby. Its chime sound will interrupt your daughter throughout her day and remind her that she is growing a new life! A reminder to pause and relax, and find harmony and calm. To spend some precious time just herself and baby.

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Summons her Guardian Angel

Harmony Balls are said to call upon an expectant mother’s Guardian Angel, to walk with them and protect them throughout their pregnancy, labour and delivery, and lifetime. A beautiful sentiment for your daughter’s pregnancy.

Harmony Ball necklaces are also referred to as Angel Callers.

sleeping baby newborn

Soothe and comfort

Your Harmony Ball may be used to soothe baby once they enter the world. Your grandchild will find its familiar chime calming, and a lovely reminder of the safety and comfort of the womb.

You may also hang a harmony ball decoratively in Baby’s room to summons their guardian angel while they sleep.

Sentimental gift
for pregnant Daughter

5 star harmony ball reviews

” I searched for quite sometime looking for that special gift I could give my daughter for the up and coming birth of her first child.  Bebe Bola spoke to me of the connection between a mother and her daughter, and between mother, grandmother and baby. “

Kay N

5 star harmony ball reviews

I recently place an order from Scotland to be delivered to our daughter in Oz. Needless to say the item and charm were received with great delight and all my daughters friends are commenting on her beautiful necklace

Jemma S

5 star harmony ball reviews

Such a beautiful piece, I am so thrilled with it and can’t wait to start bonding with my bump with the help of my beautiful bola. The packaging was amazing, with a thoughtful note and wonderful words. I would highly recommend to any mammas-to-be or as a thoughtful gift to a friend. 

Georgia G

5 star harmony ball reviews

“The Bola and charms were perfect; beautifully gift wrapped with a very personalised message. Absolutely beautiful and precious.”

Marie L


Gifts for daughter having her first baby

Two of life’s greatest gifts. The gift of family and the gift of a Grandchild. We understand the importance of this wonderful and exciting time for your family, and are pleased to offer a collection of sentimental gifts that can be personalised to suit your unique situation.

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gifts for pregnant daughter

Create a one of a kind baby book for your grandchild

 Illustrate a Baby Book to read and share with your Grandchild as they grow. A unique way for your grandbaby to learn their ABC’s and 123’s! A great baby shower activity, ask your family and daughter’s friends for illustrations too.

baby book create your own
alphabet book foraFirst Alphabet Book for kids baby ice creamkids baby ice cream
b is or baking
baby keepsake book personalise learn to count
k for kangaroo baby book

How it works

1 draw a picture baby keepsake book

Draw a Picture!

Each page contains a letter or number, and space to draw a picture to represent it. Don’t forget to label it too! e.g A is for Apple

2 draw a picture keepsake book

Add your name

at the bottom of the page next to ‘Love From’ so Baby knows who illustrated the drawing

3 babys name keepsake book

Add Baby’s name

Once born, add Baby’s name to the cover page under “Especially for”

read book with baby toddler child creative unique

Read & Share

your one of a kind Keepsake Book with Baby from birth, and as they grow!

Learn to Count
Alphabet Book

Includes Baby Book
Coloured Marker Pens
Drawstring Bag

babys first alphabet book cover 1


Learn to Count
Number Fun

Includes Baby Book
Coloured Marker Pens
Drawstring Bag

numberfun learn to count number book baby cover 1

Original price was: $44.95.Current price is: $39.95.

hardcover book for baby keepsake newborn

Hardcover to last

markers textas included with book gift

Coloured Markers included

low gloss pages baby book 1

Low gloss pages

baby shower activities book for baby

Gender Neutral

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Gift Boxes

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    Deluxe Mumma Gift Box

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  • Pregnancy gift box australia

    Pregnancy Gift Box

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An extra special gift to celebrate your daughter’s first pregnancy



Ask your daughter to gently bounce her harmony ball against her growing bump while she sings lullabies. Her baby, your grandchild, will love hearing the familiar combination of her voice and your daughters harmony ball, and may respond to your touch from within the womb during the later stages of pregnancy1

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