Sentimental gift for pregnant Daughter

Celebrate your
Daughter’s pregnancy

 with our beautiful and unique pregnancy gift collection

Create the perfect pregnancy necklace

create your own pregnancy necklace

Create a pregnancy necklace that is unique to your daughter, her growing family, and represents the special bond you share.

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Encourage a connection between your daughter and grandchild, through sound

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Inspire harmony and calm in your daughters pregnancy, and summons her Guardian Angel

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Personalise your necklace with sentimental and meaningful charms

5 star harmony ball reviews

I recently place an order from Scotland to be delivered to our daughter in Oz. Needless to say the item and charm were received with great delight and all my daughters friends are commenting on her beautiful necklace

Jemma S

5 star harmony ball reviews

” I searched for quite sometime looking for that special gift I could give my daughter for the up and coming birth of her first child. Finally I came across Bebe Bola and the gifts offered spoke to me of the connection between a mother and her daughter, and between mother, grandmother and baby. “

Kay N

Browse our Harmony Ball Collection

Our stunning pregnancy necklaces encourage a special connection between your daughter and her baby during pregnancy, as well as a feeling of harmony and calm. Personalise her necklace with meaningful charms.

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Worn throughout her pregnancy, your grandchild will hear the chime of your Daughter’s Harmony Ball pendant from within the womb as it bounces gently against her bump during everyday movement. Your grandchild will become familiar with her pendant’s chime over the weeks and months, and may find its sound reassuring and soothing once they enter the world. read more

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Two of life’s greatest gifts. The gift of family, and the gift of a Grandchild. Celebrate your daughter’s pregnancy with our beautiful and unique collection of gifts she will cherish forever.

Celebrate your daughter’s first pregnancy

5 star harmony ball reviews

I ordered this product for my daughter for Xmas who is having her first baby. The quality and finish of the product is beautiful and found the whole transaction easy and delightful

Lucinda O

5 star harmony ball reviews

I bought this for my daughter. She loved it. She couldn’t believe where I found it. A very special gift. “


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Benefits of wearing a Harmony Ball
during Pregnancy

At around 20 weeks gestation, your grandchild will begin to hear the chime of your daughter’s harmony ball pendant from within the womb as it bounces gently against her growing bump during everyday movement.

Over the weeks and months of your daughter’s pregnancy, her baby will become familiar with the chime of her Harmony Ball and may find its sound soothing and reassuring once they enter the world.
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A Harmony Ball Pregnancy Necklaces is the perfect way to celebrate your daughters pregnancy and show her how much she is loved and supported on her motherhood journey.

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An extra special gift to celebrate your daughter’s first pregnancy

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A strong and extraordinary bond

The chime of a pregnancy necklace encourages a strong and extraordinary bond between a mother and her baby. Its chime sound will interrupt your daughter throughout her day and remind her that she is growing a new life! A reminder to pause and relax, and find harmony and calm. To spend some precious time just herself and baby.

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Summons her
Guardian Angel

Harmony Balls are said to call upon an expectant mother’s Guardian Angel, to walk with them and protect them throughout their pregnancy, labour and delivery, and lifetime. A beautiful sentiment for your daughter’s pregnancy.

Harmony Ball necklaces are also referred to as Angel Callers.

sleeping baby newborn

and comfort

Your Harmony Ball may be used to soothe and amuse baby once they enter the world. Your grandchild will find its familiar chime fascinating, and a lovely reminder of the safety and comfort of the womb.

You may also like to hang your harmony ball decoratively in their room to summons their guardian angel for protection while they sleep.


Ask your daughter to gently bounce her harmony ball against her growing bump while she sings lullabies. Her baby, your grandchild, will love hearing the familiar combination of her voice and your daughters harmony ball, and may respond to your touch from within the womb during the later stages of pregnancy1

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you don’t know how loved you are

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Create a one of a kind baby book for your grandchild

 Illustrate a Baby Book to read and share with your Grandchild as they grow. A unique way for your grandbaby to learn their ABC’s and 123’s! A great baby shower activity, ask your family and daughter’s friends for illustrations too.

Celebrate daughter having her first baby

The announcement of a pregnancy within the family is a special time, with exciting firsts to come for everyone, not just mum and dad to be.

Your baby girl is having a baby! And you’re about to embark or extend upon the magical journey that is being a Grandparent.


Memories will flood back as you look adoringly into the eyes of your grandchild. You’ll run your finger over their tiny nose, and let them clasp your finger hoping they never let go.

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