Pregnancy Necklaces for mum to be

Celebrate each and every pregnancy. Encourage a special bond between an expectant mother and baby, and bring a feeling of calm and harmony to her pregnancy.

Modern, stylish pregnancy necklaces

Build the perfect necklace. Choose your favourite Harmony ball pendant then add some meaningful Charms.

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Originating in Mexico, Pregnancy Necklaces are chiming bell pendant necklaces. They are worn by expectant mothers through their pregnancy and after their baby is born, as a way of connecting and comforting their baby.

These chime pendant, known as a Harmony Balls, are worn on a long necklace and rest against mum to be’s growing bump. They emit a bell sound as they bounce gently against the womb with everyday movement.

The sound will be heard by bay who will grow familiar with it and find it comforting. It is also thought to bring calm and harmony to an expectant mother’s pregnancy and encourage an early bond between her and baby.

The Bebe Bola collection offers a modern take on this ancient mayan tradition.



The Bebe Bola collection offers a modern spin on an ancient mayan harmony ball tradition. A simple but timeless concept, pregnancy necklaces encourage an early connection between a mother and her baby.

We don’t have hundreds of styles in our collection. We’ve hand picked the best Harmony Balls and proudly offer beautiful, stylish and quality designs.

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Our Harmony Balls are high quality and handpicked to include styles that are modern but timeless. Over the years, we have fine tuned our collection to include pieces that are on trend, classic in style, and can be passed down through the generations. We’re so passionate about beautiful design, we created our own contemporary harmony ball #hellodarling.

Our silver ball chain style Necklaces are excellent quality. They’re lovingly dipped in 925 Silver and longer than those offered by competitors. Your harmony ball necklace will be the perfect length for your chime bola to rest perfectly on top of your bump, where it will be heard by baby.

What is a Harmony Ball?

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Benefits of wearing a Necklace for pregnancy

A pregnancy necklace is a lovely way for an expectant mother to connect with her baby during pregnancy. It’s also a special keepsake, and a celebration of this momentous occasion and new chapter in her life.

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A special gift from a grandmother to be

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A Pregnancy necklace is also known as a Harmony Ball necklace, Angel Caller necklace, Bola Necklace and Pregnancy Bell necklace


What does a Harmony Ball sound like? Listen now.


Gently bounce your pregnancy necklace pendant against your bump while singing nursery rhymes to your baby. Your baby will love hearing this familiar sound combination. They may even respond to your touch from within the womb during the later stages of your pregnancy11

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” I love my harmony ball necklace! As a surrogate it will be the perfect gift to pass on once bubs is born. “

– Jodi

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