What is a harmony ball?

A Harmony Ball is beautiful chime pendant worn by an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. It emits a soft bell sound as it bounces against her bump during daily movement. Its sound can be heard by baby in the womb from around 20 weeks gestation and is thought to inspire harmony and calm and summons mum to be’s Guardian Angel

Harmony Balls Explained

Harmony Balls are also known as Angel Callers, Bola Balls and Pregnancy Bells

Around 20 weeks gestation, babies begin to hear sound from outside the womb.

As a baby grows (and so does an expectant mother’s bump!) a Harmony Ball will bounce gently against an expectant mother’s womb as she moves about her normal everyday activities. It will emit a soft, melodic chime, similar to metal wind chimes bumping in the breeze. Listen now

Baby will hear and become familiar with the bell chime of your harmony ball, and may find its sound comforting and reassuring once they make their entrance to the world.

A harmony ball is beautiful way to encourage a bond and begin a lifelong connection with your baby, during pregnancy.

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Baby recognising sound of Harmony Ball pendant after birth

Frequently Asked Questions

Inside your beautiful harmony ball pendant is a metal ball. This ball bounces gently around the inside of your pendant and creates a chime sound, similar to metal wind chimes bumping in the breeze.

A chime sound will be emitted by a Harmony Ball when regular movement by the wearer, causes the pendant to bounce against the womb, making the metal bell chime bounce around.

A Harmony Ball pendant makes a gentle bell sound, similar to a metal wind chime bumping gently in summer afternoon breeze.

A harmony necklace, also called a harmony ball necklace, is a pendant worn by an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. The pendant emits a soft chime sound as it bounces against mum to be’s growing baby bump. Over time, its chime will become familiar to baby who may find the sound comforting once they are born. A Harmony necklace is also thought to summons the wearers guardian angel for protection throughout her pregnancy and lifetime.

A harmony ball necklace is a lovely way for an expectant mother to encourage a connection with her baby in the womb, celebrate a wonderful milestone in her life, and call upon her guardian angel for protection.

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Create the perfect harmony ball necklace

create your own pregnancy necklace
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Encourage a connection with your baby, through sound

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Inspire harmony and calm in your pregnancy, and summons your Guardian Angel

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Personalise your necklace with sentimental and meaningful charms

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Benefits of wearing a Harmony Ball

A harmony ball necklace is a lovely way for an expectant mother to encourage a connection with her baby, and to celebrate a wonderful milestone in her life.

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The chime of a pregnancy necklace encourages the strong and extraordinary bond between a mother and her baby. 

Its chime sound will interrupt mum to be throughout her day and remind her that she is growing a new life! A reminder for her to pause for a few minutes and relax. To find harmony and calm, and spend some precious time just herself and baby.

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Harmony Balls are said to call upon an expectant mother’s Guardian Angel, to walk with them and protect them throughout their pregnancy, labour, delivery, and lifetime. A beautiful sentiment for every pregnancy.

This is why harmony necklaces are sometimes referred to as Angel Callers.

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A bola pregnancy necklace is a lovely way for an expectant mother to celebrate this momentous occasion in her life, and in time will become a sentimental and meaningful maternity keepsake.

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Your Harmony Ball may be used to soothe and amuse baby once they enter the world. It’s now familiar and reassuring chime will be fascinating to baby, and a lovely reminder for them of the safety and comfort of the womb.

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After birth, your harmony ball necklace can be hung decoratively in baby’s bedroom or nursery to call upon their guardian angel for protection while they sleep.

What does a Harmony Ball sound like?
harmony ball sounds like metal wind chimes

A Harmony Ball makes a gentle chime or bell sound as mum moves about her everyday activities. The sound is similar to metal wind chimes bumping gently in the summer breeze.

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A Harmony Ball’s chime is designed to be subtle. While able to be heard, it should not be disruptive to others. It should rest against your pregnancy bump on top of clothing for all to see.

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Womb’s grow at different rates so the bigger your bump grows, generally the more your pendant will bounce and chime.

Every mother and baby is different, and will bond in their own unique way.

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Bounce your harmony ball gently against your bump while you sing nursery rhymes to your baby. They will love hearing this familiar sound combination, and may respond to your touch1 from within the womb during the later stages of your pregnancy

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5 star harmony ball reviews

I recently place an order from Scotland to be delivered to our daughter in Oz. Needless to say the item and charm were received with great delight and all my daughters friends are commenting on her beautiful necklace

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5 star harmony ball reviews

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