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High quality silver necklace to keep you shining

snake chain long sterling silver necklace heart
twinkle twinkly little star

Sterling Silver Necklace

Every Harmony Ball purchase includes a long and elegant snake style chain necklace. Lovingly plated in 925 silver, our high quality necklaces are 100cm long and the perfect length to rest comfortably on top of your growing bump where baby will hear your harmony ball’s chime.

  • 100cm length
  • 1mm thick snake style chain
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Durable and scratch resistant stainless steel
  • 925 Sterling Silver plating for added shine
  • Lead and Nickel free

We recently moved to snake style chain necklace. You may still see our ball chain necklace throughout the website. We are working hard to update all our website and product imagery, and thank you for your patience.

We still love the ball chain style, but our new snake style chain is absolutely stunning. It’s sleek and elegant, and catches the light perfectly. We’re sure you’ll love it too.

Need a replacement chain or additional chain?

Necklaces for new mums

Our collection of pregnancy necklaces and gifts are meaningful, sentimental, and most of all, especially for mum.

We don’t have hundreds of styles in our harmony ball collection because not all harmony balls were created equal. We’ve handpicked only the best for our collection. 


The thought of our packaging contributing to landfill simply because it has been branded, is too much for us.

We’re working to reduce our contribution to waste.