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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

We’re all about celebrating mum to be at her baby shower. We love baby shower gifts that celebrate her unique motherhood journey, and not just the beautiful baby she is carrying.


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Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for present ideas that are gender neutral? We have many gifts that are not gender specific. We hope that an expectant mum to be will be able to use her baby shower gifts for each and every one of her pregnancies, and not be limited by baby girl or baby boy specific or coloured items. Neutral colours and on trend brights are our favourites.

People are so generous when it comes to baby showers. Baby shower guests are very kind and thoughtful, and you will likely be gifted a lot of things that you already have and receive double up on more common gift ideas (think jumpsuits and muslin wraps).

Unique and Creative Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift that will be enjoyed by mum, dad and baby for years to come, you will love our Baby Keepsake Books. With the help of baby shower guests, family and friends, personalise and beautifully illustrate one of our Keepsake Book with pictures that represent each letter of the Alphabet, or numbers between between 1 and 20.

Fun Baby Shower Activity

Pass your keepsake book around at your Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle to collection illustrations from your best family and friends. Or collect drawings from Baby’s first visitors including family who may have travelled long distances to meet your baby.

Our Baby Keepsake Books will help you teach your baby their ABC’s and 123’s in a completely unique way. They are the perfect newborn baby gift that parents will adore and cherish forever.

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Harmony Ball Necklaces

Help mum to be bond with her baby in the womb, and bring a feeling of calm and harmony to her pregnancy. more.

Add on charms are available for a personal touch.

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Unique Baby Shower Gifts ideas

Ask family and friends to contribute an illustration to  unique keepsake book that will help baby learn their ABC’s and 123’s. Read and share the book as baby grows.

No two baby book’s are alike!

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alphabet book foraFirst Alphabet Book for kids baby ice creamkids baby ice cream

“Beautiful quality & such a lovely keepsake! Everyone LOVED drawing in this at our baby shower! Thank you!”

Brinie, Sydney

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What to buy for a Baby Shower

Perhaps you’re a parent-to be and are creating a gift list or baby registry for your baby shower guests (which may feel a bit off but is actually super helpful for guests attending!). Or a baby shower guest browsing online for great gift ideas that are unique, or perfect for baby.

Bebe Bola’s baby shower gift ideas cover every budget. From beautiful, luxury maternity necklaces to spoil an expectant mother, to affordable and thoughtful gifts such as silicone teething bracelets and chew necklaces which are practical and will help a new mum get through a much needed catch up with a friend, with a teething baby.

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Why have a Baby Shower?

A Baby Shower is wonderful occasion. A time to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. But equally as important, it’s a chance to celebrate new parents and this important milestone, especially mum to be as she embarks on a her motherhood journey.

Gifts for new mums australia

The Bebe Bola collection is all about baby shower gifts and products which celebrate new and expectant mothers across Australia and the world.

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Gift ideas for mum not baby

A Baby Shower (typically thrown for first time mums) or Baby Sprinkle (for multi-time mums) is a lovely way to show this support and to celebrate a baby on the way. Whether a first time mum or a seasoned pro, we want all pregnant women to feel acknowledged, loved and supported.

Gender neutral baby shower gifts

We love baby shower gifts that are unisex or gender neutral. After all, mum may go on to have additional children so we hope that your gift will be useful for each and every pregnancy and baby.

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