Beautiful gifts for a newly pregnant friend

Some people in our lives are extra special. When a newly pregnant friend announces they’re having a baby, it’s time to celebrate!

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The announcement of a close friend’s pregnancy is very exciting! She is probably thrilled and petrified, all at the same time.

But it’s time to celebrate! Not just the baby, but this important milestone moment in your friend’s life and the amazing journey she is about to embark upon.

You want your newly pregnant friend to know that she is loved and supported, that your heart is bursting with happy, and you are there to support her however she needs it.

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A present for a pregnant friend, not for baby

Our beautiful collection of gifts are all about mum. Helping expectant mother’s celebrate a new chapter! And the beginning or extension of an amazing motherhood journey.

Our Harmony Ball Pregnancy Necklaces and baby keepsake books are thoughtful ideas, and a unique way to show your pregnant friend that she is loved and supported through her pregnancy, and on her motherhood journey. In time, these gifts will become meaningful keepsakes; a reminder of the flutters, kicks and hiccups she experienced during pregnancy.

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An extra special gift for a first time mum

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Create a chime ball pregnancy necklace
your newly pregnant friend will love

A harmony ball necklace is chime pendant worn by an expectant mother, which makes a bell sound as it bumps against her growing bump during everyday movement.


Worn during pregnancy, your friend’s baby will hear the chime of her harmony ball as it bounces gently against her bump during everyday movement. The baby will become familiar with the pendant’s chime and may find it’s sound reassuring and soothing once they enter the world. read more

A beautiful way to encourage a special bond between a mother and her baby, legend also suggests that a harmony ball’s chime will call upon an expectant mother’s guardian angel for protection and support, and bring a feeling of calm and harmony to her pregnancy.

Choose your favourite chiming Harmony Ball


Add on some fun, meaningful charms

Included 925 Sterling Silver necklace, white gold plated | Free Delivery over $50


Also known as Bola Balls and Angel Callers


Add a fun, personal touch with some charms

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Ask mum to be’s friends and family to help illustrate a Baby Book that can be read and shared with the new Baby as they grow. A unique baby shower gift to teach kids their ABC’s and 123’s.

More gifts for pregnancy

Supporting a friend during pregnancy

Some ideas to help you support your friend before baby arrives

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Help mum to be stay active

As the third trimester and impending her due date approach, the thought of exercise can be overwhelming.

Now is a great time to help your pregnant friend stay active. Offer to take a walk with her, do a yoga or aqua aerobics class. The benefits of being active throuhout pregnancy include increased energy, improved fitness, reduced back and pelvic pain, improved posture, improved circulation and more1.

Choose aerobic activities – activities that make your heart beat faster – like walking fast, dancing, swimming, or raking leaves. You should still be able to talk during these activities. –

She may next extra support during the Winter months when it’s dark earlier and cold outside.

1. Source: Better Health Channel

pregnancy planning ahead meal prep

Help her plan ahead

Expectant mums are usually expecting things to change once baby arrives, but often the reality can be harder than one had imagined it might be.

Help her plan some things ahead. For example, some meals for the freezer (think lasagne, curries and stir fry’s with rice,) that can be heated in minutes when cooking is the last thing on everyone’s mind. Or some yummy yet healthy snacks that will fuel her body, and  can be eaten on the go (think home made protein balls or slices).

Book a hair appointment for a few weeks after baby has arrived. Or a massage. Or a cleaner to come and help her around the house for a few hours.