Harmony Ball Necklaces

A harmony ball pregnancy necklace is beautiful way to encourage a special bond between an expectant mother and her baby, and bring a feeling of calm and harmony to her pregnancy.

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Harmony Ball Necklaces are also known as an Angel Caller, Bola Ball, Pregnancy Bell and Bell Necklaces

Your Harmony Ball pendant will emit a soft, melodic chime sound as it bounces gently against your bump with everyday movement.

From around 20 weeks gestation, your baby will begin to hear sound from outside the womb. Growing familiar with your Harmony Ball’s chime over the weeks and months, your baby may find its sound soothing one they enter the world, and be comforted by its soft chime.

Your pendant’s chime is also thought to call upon your  guardian angel for protection, and encourage a feeling of harmony and calm in your pregnancy. Read more

Based on an ancient mayan tradition, Harmony Balls are beautiful chime pendants worn by expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy.

The pendants emit a soft chiming sound, similar to metal wind chimes bumping gently in the breeze. The sound is thought to encourage a feeling of calm and harmony for mum to be. Worn on a long necklace, Baby will also hear the chime of your pendant within the womb, and may find its chime comforting and soothing once born.


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Wearing a harmony ball necklace during pregnancy is a lovely way for an expectant mother to connect with her baby throughout pregnancy, and after baby’s birth, and to celebrate this momentous occasion and new chapter in her life.

Stylish Harmony Ball Necklaces Australia

Bebe Bola strives to create modern, minimal, stylish and unique Harmony Ball pendants for expectant mother’s across Australia and the World. We love to celebrate the wonderful milestone that is pregnancy, and to help encourage a special connection between and expectant mother and her child.

We design and assemble in-house two pendants, Halo and Darling, available exclusively from Bebe Bola. We hope to offer more unique designs in the near future.

To reduce our waste, we use removable logos and branding on all our products. By using stickers and paper box bands, we can ensure our packaging looks fab but can be used for other things such as regifting, storage or recycling where possible and NOT added to landfill.


Harmony Balls are also known as Bolas, Angel Callers, Bola Balls and Pregnancy Bells.

All these terms refer to the same thing – a musical chime ball pendant.

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” I was given a Bebe Bola necklace as a gift and it was the best gift to receive while I was pregnant! I wore it every day and even had pregnant friends chasing where to buy one from as they saw how it was such a nice necklace to wear for the Bub! “

– Sarah

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Bounce your harmony ball gently against your bump while you sing nursery rhymes to your baby. Your baby will love hearing this familiar sound combination, and may respond to your touch from within the womb during the later stages of your pregnancy1

Twinkle Twinkle little star,
you don’t know how loved you are

twinkle twinkly little star
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A modern take on an ancient mayan tradition, our stylish Harmony Ball necklaces are the perfect bump accessory, and encouraging a special connection to be created between a mother and her baby.

We don’t have hundreds of pendant styles in our collection. We’ve hand picked only the best and proudly offer you beautiful, modern, stylish and quality necklaces.

We’ve also designed our own unique range of pendants here in Australia. They are available exclusively at Bebe Bola.

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Our Harmony Balls are high quality and handpicked to include styles that are modern but timeless. Over the years, we have fine tuned our collection to include pieces that are on trend, classic in style, and can be passed down through the generations. We’re so passionate about beautiful design, we created our own contemporary harmony ball #hellodarling.

Our silver ball chain style Necklaces are excellent quality. They’re lovingly dipped in 925 Silver and longer than those offered by competitors. Your harmony ball necklace will be the perfect length for your chime bola to rest perfectly on top of your bump, where it will be heard by baby.

What is a Harmony Ball?