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A modern + stylish celebration of Pregnancy and Motherhood

About Bebe Bola

We’re all about modern, stylish products to celebrate pregnancy, motherhood and new parents. We love gifts that have meaning, are beautiful and high quality, and most of all, celebrate mum! (not just baby) and her motherhood journey.

Pregnancy is a huge milestone in a woman’s life. An experience she will treasure forever. We won’t tell her that it’s all going to be rainbows and butterflies, but we hope to leave her without any doubt that she are loved and supported on her unique motherhood journey.

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In the excitement of a pregnancy announcement, the focus can be on the baby, overshadowing the experience of mum. At Bebe Bola, we love to acknowledge and support expectant mothers on their motherhood journey with a collection of products and gifts curated just for her. We’re here to help celebrate her baby, but also her unique experience. We hope to  leave her without any doubt that she is loved and supported on her motherhood journey.


Our collection of pregnancy necklaces and gifts are meaningful, sentimental, and most of all, especially for mum.

We don’t have 100+ styles in our harmony ball collection because not all harmony balls were created equal. We handpicked and offer only the best. 

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Our Baby Books are a special way for mum and parents to continue bonding with their child once born. Practical and educational, they’re also special way to show baby how much they were loved by family and friends, before they were even born.

”Having spent many wonderful years in the ‘World’s best Aunt’ zone, I found the transition into pregnancy and motherhood gifts a real challenge. I wanted to gift my newly pregnant friends something fun and unique that didn’t feel dated or cliche. I was gifted a Harmony Ball necklace while pregnant with my first child and absolutely loved the concept. I knew others would too. When I couldn’t find the right greeting card to go with my pregnancy gifts, I made my own. Babe-voyage!”
Emma, Bebe Bola Owner and Creative Designer


The thought of our packaging contributing to landfill simply because it has been branded, is too much for us.

We’re working to reduce our contribution to waste.