Harmony ball necklaces
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for modern mum’s to be

Beautiful chiming necklaces for expectant mothers. Encourage a special bond with your baby during pregnancy and create a feeling of calm and harmony. Add some sentimental charms for a personal touch.

Necklace Included Every Harmony Ball pendant comes on a 925 Silver plated necklace to keep you shining

Style your baby bump and bond with your bebe.

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Our Harmony Ball (or Bola) pendants offer a modern take on an ancient mayan tradition.

For pregnant woman, the melodic chime of your Bola will encourage a feeling of calm and harmony through your pregnancy.

It will interrupt you during your busy day and remind you that you are growing a new life! A gentle reminder to find some quiet in your day to just be with your little one. To spend a little time reflect on all the fun and adventure to come.

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What is a harmony ball?

A Harmony Ball is a beautiful chime pendant worn on a long necklace by expectant mothers. A simple and timeless concept, your Harmony Ball will bounce gently against your growing baby bump with everyday movement, emitting a soft chime sound that baby will hear and become familiar with during their time in the womb.

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Teach your baby to read and count with illustrations from family and friends

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baby shower activities book for baby


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Fun Baby
Shower Game

A fun baby shower game turned keepsake book, which will include drawings from the special people in mum, dad and baby’s life.

baby shower gifts

Modern gifts for expectant mothers across Australia and the world

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Stylish accessories for mum, relief for baby

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Supporting pregnancy, motherhood and new parents

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Babies start to hear sound from outside the womb at around 20 weeks gestation. This is the perfect time to start wearing your pregnancy necklace. Your unborn baby will hear and begin to recognise the chime of your Harmony Ball, encouraging an early, special bond to develop between an expectant mother and her baby.


Bounce your harmony ball pendant gently against your growing baby bump while you sing a lullaby. Your baby will love hearing the familiar sound combination of your voice and harmony ball’s chime, and may respond to your touch1 from within the womb during the later stages of your pregnancy.

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We love presents and gifts which acknowledge and celebrate mum to be and this milestone in her life! There’s plenty of time for onesies. Pregnancy is a time to celebrate mum to be and let her know that she is loved and supported on her journey.

Our range of pregnancy necklaces and charms and designed especially to help celebrate this occasion, and to compliment each expectant mother’s unique personality and style.

For something stylish and meaningful, we recommend adding yours and your Baby’s birthstone charm to your favourite Bola pendant.

We love unique baby shower gifts that are not likely to be gifted by anyone else. Our range of baby shower gifts includes practical items with a fun, modern twist. For example, a hardcover baby book to help baby learn their ABC’s and 123’s – with drawings from family and friends.

With baby’s pending arrival, mum to be is likely not focussing on herself. A Harmony ball necklace is the perfect birthday gift for a pregnant woman as it celebrates and acknowledges this millstone in her motherhood journey, and encourages a special, early connection with her unborn baby.