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Our stunning collection of Harmony Ball Pregnancy Necklaces are an extra special gift your wife will adore and cherish forever.

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Use sound to encourage a special connection between your wife, baby and yourself.

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Inspire harmony and calm in your wife's pregnancy, and summons her guardian angel.

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Personalise your Necklace with meaningful charms that help convey the love, anticipation and excitement you feel as a dad to be!

Create the perfect Pregnancy Necklace

Our beautiful collection of Pregnancy Jewellery and unique gifts for expectant mothers help celebrate the magic of new life, and show mum to be that she is loved and supported through her pregnancy and motherhood journey.

Choose your favourite Harmony Ball + Personalise with sentimental charms

Benefits of wear
during Pregnancy

At around 20 weeks gestation, your baby will begin to hear the chime of your wife’s harmony ball pendant as it bounces gently against her growing baby bump during normal everyday movement.

Over the weeks and months of your pregnancy, your baby will become familiar with the chime of your wife’s Harmony Ball and may find it soothing and reassuring once they enter the world.
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A strong and extraordinary bond

The chime of a pregnancy necklace encourages the strong and extraordinary bond between a mother and her baby. Its chime sound will interrupt mum to be throughout her day and remind her that she is growing a new life! A reminder to pause and relax, and find harmony and calm. To spend some precious time just herself and baby.

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Summons your
Guardian Angel

Harmony Balls are said to call upon an expectant mother’s Guardian Angel, to walk with them and protect them throughout their pregnancy, labour and delivery, and lifetime. A beautiful sentiment for every pregnancy.

This is why harmony necklaces are sometimes referred to as Angel Callers.

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and comfort

Your Harmony Ball may be used to soothe and amuse baby once they enter the world. Your little one will find the familiar chime fascinating, and a lovely reminder of the safety and comfort of the womb.

You may also like to hang your harmony ball decoratively in their room to summons their guardian angel for protection while they sleep.

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Practical Jewellery

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Bounce your wife’s harmony ball gently against her bump while you sing lullabies to your baby. Your baby will love hearing the familiar combination of your voice and your wife’s harmony ball, and may respond to your touch from within the womb during the later stages of pregnancy1

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you don’t know how loved you are

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