Crescent moon charm


Our Crescent moon charm represents a new chapter in your life and a new beginning!

Lovingly dipped in Gold, our gold-plated Crescent moon charm is a beautiful and sentimental addition to your favourite harmony ball pendant, no matter whether you are beginning or extending your family.

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The crescent moon is a sign of fertility and new life!

During the half Crescent or ‘Waxing’ phase, the Moons illumination is growing and the ‘Crescent’ indicates that less than half of the Moon is illuminated. At this phase, the illumination is growing bigger and building strength. It is intensifying and bringing with it forward momentum and the hope of something more to come. Use this rush of energy and momentum and using it to plan, dream and focus on yourself and self growth.


  • Charm Size: 1.7cm wide by 2cm tall
  • Material: Gold Plated, Alloy base metal

“You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars”

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