What Does A Harmony Ball Sound Like?

A Harmony Ball pendant makes a gentle bell sound, similar to a metal wind chime bumping gently in summer afternoon breeze.

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A pregnancy necklace is an extra long necklace that contains a Harmony Ball pendant. This pendant makes a gentle chime or bell sound as mum moves about her everyday activities, and sound’s similar to metal wind chimes bumping gently together in the summer breeze.

Each Harmony Ball pendant has its own unique chime sound, with some harmony balls chiming louder or more subtle than others, depending on the style.

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Listen to a Harmony Ball Bell chime

Worn daily during pregnancy, the bell chime of your harmony ball will become familiar to your Baby and chime sound may be able to comfort your unsettled baby after birth as it is a lovely reminder for them of the safety and comfort they felt in the womb.

Legend also suggests that the soft chime sound will summons the mum to be’s Guardian Angel to provide her protection, comfort and guidance throughout her pregnancy and lifetime.

Learn more about the ancient Harmony Ball tradition

A taste of our Harmony Ball Collection

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Meaningful gifts for pregnancy

A Bola is an extra special gift for a first time mum

Our beautiful collection of gifts for expectant mothers help to celebrate a new chapter! The beginning or extension of an amazing motherhood journey.

Our Harmony Ball Pregnancy Necklaces and baby keepsake books are meaningful ways to show an expectant mother that she is loved and supported through her pregnancy, and on her motherhood journey. In time, these gifts will become meaningful keepsakes; a reminder of the flutters and kicks experienced during pregnancy.

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